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Jennifer Milano is the Founder of, a website that aims to inspire people to travel the world and offers information to help travelers plan their journeys.  Jen has traveled extensively throughout the United States, but international travel is her passion.  Since her first trip abroad to Kenya as a 12-year-old with her mother, Jen has been hooked on seeing the world and connecting with other cultures. 

In her teens and twenties, Jen traveled as a backpacker, both solo and with friends or family, through South America, Australia, Europe and Asia.  Jen finished law and graduate school in 1997, and a few days after taking the Bar exams, strapped on her backpack for a five-month solo journey through Nepal, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe.  In her thirties, Jen converted her husband to a travel addict, and the two spent seven months exploring Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Europe and North Africa.  In her forties, her travel experiences morphed again, with two children now in tow.  She is home barely a few days from a trip before starting to plan the next one, and luckily her family is (mostly) fully on board.  Using the research skills she has learned as an attorney and her Type A nature, she organizes trips that are both adventurous and relaxing for her family, and maintains meticulous notes to share with fellow travelers upon her return. 

While advising friends on their travels over the years, Jen has heard repeated suggestions to start a website, and whether they were serious or just flattery, she has decided to share her travel experiences in hopes of helping others plan memorable global adventures.